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Enterprise Social Policy

You have worked arduously to build your company and your brand from the ground up. The long hours spent in strategizing, the big investments spent in marketing, it goes into building the reputation that you have painstakingly built for your business. What’s awful is that today, it takes less than 140 alphabetical characters to shred it all to pieces. A bad word from your employees on the social space and it can damage your business interests instantly, making you have to put all your resources into crisis management. In truth, this is completely avoidable.

Autumn has partnered with legal solicitors, with an expertise in cyber law, to offer our clients the ‘Enterprise Social Policy’. It defines in detail the ambit of employee use of social media with regards to your business. We understand that employees are the first ambassadors of your business. The Enterprise Social Policy will empower them to talk about your business on the social space but it will remove confusion in their minds about where the boundaries lie. While discussing work on social media, your employees will know what you consider confidential and where prudence should be observed. Employees can sometimes say things in good humour which is detrimental to your business. With a clearly defined social policy in place, you can be rest assured that all communications from your employees or business associates will go into anchoring your place firmly in the minds of customers. To know more just write to us at info@autumnworldwide.com