Social media is an ever changing world that is increasingly becoming a part of people’s lives, personal and professional. As businesses and organisations incorporate these media into their strategies, it is becoming clear that some sort of training is required to help and motivate employees to use them appropriately. While avoiding social media disasters is one obvious motivation for using social media, companies are gradually warming up to the idea of these media as a valuable business tool to increase performance and productivity.

A good start for a company is to frame a set of guidelines for its employees to follow while using social media for work. However, this is only the first step. The main benefit can only be realised by a formal social media literacy programme which will guide employees on a step by step basis, and which can be extended beyond an employee’s training into his or her daily schedule. Through this type of training, employees will be able to filter big data insights in order to make informed decisions about their tweets or updates. The trained or the informed voice is what an enterprise needs to reinforce its virtual presence, and what will help in better communication with its clients or customers.

Our aim is to get companies moving in this direction by creating a set of guidelines and a training programme based on their objectives and core values. This will increase the enterprise’s “relationship capital,” and ensure that every employee is capable of using social media to benefit their respective organisation. We hope to dispel the notion that social media is just a passing phase, so enterprises recognise and keep up with this fundamental shift in the way we communicate. To know more just write to us at info@autumnworldwide.com