Social Media is growing from strength to strength. In India itself, there are close to 64 million active users on Facebook every month and the numbers just keep growing. With more people engaging with brands on Social Media, marketers are simply lapping it up. But what about accountability? As more investments pour in for marketing initiatives on social media, ROI is a factor that plays on the minds of brands everywhere. There must be a system in place to calculate how effective social media campaigns are for brands present on social networks.

This is where Autumn provides an expertise for our clients. We use a whole host of social metrics to measure the effectiveness of our efforts. The ROI for our clients is the sole factor with which we judge our success by. We calculate the growth of engagement with fans every month. We have put in place a system of checks and balances to ensure that our content-driven approach resonates with our audience. We use the considerable resources at our disposal for conducting social analytics and understanding what the audience wants. We in turn deliver strategies that ensure audiences respond to brand communication. While Social Media assumes leviathan proportions, we make it for you. To know more just write to us at info@autumnworldwide.com