As a conscious member of the community, we want to do our bit for the good of the planet. Here are some of our initiatives at the workplace.

  • WE HAVE BROKEN UP WITH PAPER - As a strict rule, we do not make presentations on paper. For internal and client presentations, we go purely digital.

  • KEEPING COOL HEADS - We have a limited use of air conditioning in the office. We use fresh air and natural light instead to keep us relaxed at work. On the hot, summer days, we use ceiling fans to keep the scorching heat away.

  • SCREENING - We review documents on screen, rather than printing them out. So that’s more avoidable waste that we do not gather.

  • CTRL S - We keep all our files in computers rather than in filing cabinets. We save space and paper this way.

  • IT’S A TURN OFF - We turn off lights and electrical equipment when they’re not in use. Our bills and energy consumption are minimized.

  • GREENER MOBILITY - Some of our team members save fuel and reduce pollution by leaving their cars at home and cycle or use public transport to commute.

  • MOTIFICATION - Motivated notification - everybody needs a little motivation to remind us of our goals. We have messages at strategic locations in the office, urging everyone to conserve water.

  • LIGHTING UP - We have replaced incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient CFL lamps. They last longer and can be recycled.

  • MAKING A MEAL OF IT - We encourage our team members to bring lunch from home in reusable containers. When we order take out, we insist on it being delivered in a paper bag rather than in a plastic one.

  • GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO PLANT - Our team members voluntarily bring potted plants to the office. Taking baby steps is the beginning to a greener eco system.